Emily Harding

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Emily Harding (aka YehYoga) is a super passionate yoga teacher, who has been leading classes, events and workshops for over 2+ years in London, and is also an instructor with Secret Sunrise London. Emily teaches for EVERY BODY, and wants to empower you to kick-ass, feel awesome and embrace what she likes to call, your ‘Yeh not Meh’! With trainings and a background in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Rocket and Yin & Mindfulness, Emily is a thoughtful teacher, respecting traditional sequencing and practices, whilst also keeping her classes dynamic and engaging and has been described by her students as ‘not-your-regular-yogi’ for her love of laughter in classes and not taking ourselves too seriously. Emily discovered yoga on youtube many years ago, as a way of helping her painful back and has since fallen in love with all of its never-ending teachings which have helped her to live a life full of happiness and confidence. Her zest for teaching stems from her desire to show as many people as she can, that yoga is so much more than handstands or touching your toes, and it is her mission to demystify it to those who have yet to try it!
Emily brings her infectious high-energy to Wanderlust with Secret Sunrise, weaving the magic of yoga into the songs and movement of their events, helping people to open themselves up to the beauty of the world around them.

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