Down Under School of Yoga

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Down Under School of Yoga is Boston’s premier yoga school, awarded Best of Boston “Best Yoga Studio” 2017, home to some of America’s most esteemed yoga teachers and a vibrant student body. What began as a collective vision of friends teaching in a parish hall has blossomed into three studio locations housing education and practice of the major lineages of yoga. Over a decade later, our humble origins and community-mindedness continue to resound: it is the quality and cadence of our relationships, celebration of vibrant internal dialogue and the desire to evolve intelligently, and commitment to our core values that define who we are.

Our purpose is to shift the modern paradigm of yoga as an industry by holding open a welcoming, safe space, free of distraction and propaganda, to celebrate yoga as an ancient tradition and nourish our students and community. We honor the integrity, intelligence and shared intentions of each methodology of yoga, and recognize the need for a space in which the value of tradition and vanguard are equally respected.

With over 200 yoga classes each week at all levels representing a breadth of methodologies, workshops, continuing education opportunities, comprehensive trainings in assisting and Ayurveda, and 200 Hour and 300 Hour Teacher Trainings, we invite our students to dare greatly as they cultivate and fulfill their curiosity, grow a committed practice and master tools for sustainable well-being. Every student embarks on a very personal journey, exploring which lineages and teachers resonate with them and set them alight. Each tradition whispers its own secrets. We invite you to join our community and practice what is heavenly and hardest, to expand your personal practice and possibilities and carry this breadth off the mat.

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