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Wanderlusters, feeling fresh and clean? Strike a pose and show us your #CleanConfidence! Whether you’re clearing your mind in downward dog or going commando in your favorite yoga pants – when you’re clean, you’re confident and we want you to show it! Strike your favorite pose and share your #CleanConfidence with @Cottonelle at Wanderlust 108. Here’s how:

  1. Snap a pic of your Wanderlust 108 experience and show us your #CleanConfidence.
  2. Visit Cottonelle in the Wanderlust Marketplace to pick up your custom #CleanConfidence photo and a sample of Cottonelle CleanRipple Texture. 
  3. Visit our VIP bathroom and experience Cottonelle CleanRipple Texture for yourself.
  4. After, check out how Cottonelle is bringing a twist to Wanderlust Miami with a game of Bend & Zen. Can you hold each pose until the next spin? Be the last players in pose to win!

Cottonelle knows it takes a bold confidence to go commando, but once you’ve got it – it makes all the difference. For more information and chances to win great prizes throughout the year, visit