Claire Poppie

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Claire is an energy enthusiast. Connecting with like-minded people, having a really good laugh, and knowing the power of a positive attitude are what sets her soul on fire.

After some serious health problems in 2010, The Universe led Claire to an energy healer; her health issues were resolved, and her life was transformed. This event opened her eyes and heart to the amazing world of energy, self-love, and the mindset that what you focus on matters. For the past 7 years, she has enjoyed learning the practice of yoga, expanding her knowledge of mindfulness, and recently started a blog with the goal of telling her story and influencing others to live their lives to the fullest.

Claire attended Wanderlust 108 last year in Twin Cities, MN and fell in love with the vibes, inspiration, and community that Wanderlust emits. She is humbled to be a Wanderlust Wayfarer and is excited to continue finding her True North while encouraging others to do the same!

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