Cendrine Sauvenier

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Cendrine is a holistic practitioner that thrives on helping people feel better in their body, mind and soul by feeling empowered. Mother of two daugthers, happilly married and keen gardner, she loves the outdoors nearly as much as books.

She is an experienced massage therapist and has been running her own business, Sublimity, for the past 5 years, the last 2 years being in Wellington.

She is also a yoga and meditation teacher. She has qualified with Power Living Australia and teaches in different studios around town as well as private classes in her business. She is the third generation of yoga teachers in her family and was brought up learning hatha yoga, followed by Iyengar yoga. She has always had a strong interest for mind-training and still enjoys learning something new everyday. She has as well been initiated in Kriya yoga and loves to encourages others to find their own spiritual practice.

She also teaches regular meditation classes at Sublimity.

As a spiritual consultant and psychic healer, Cendrine uses her own gifts and experience to help people find more freedom and ease in their daily life.

Her warm and friendly personality invites people to feel totally relaxed and in professional hands. She is very grounded and dedicated to others, being always opened to new ideas and initiatives. Cendrine likes to organize and take part in different events that include the empowerment of human beings on all levels.