Buddha Pants

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Our mission is to create organic, fun, comfy, multi-functional garments just for you!
Buddha Pants is a clothing company dedicated to creating multi-functional travel ready apparel, focusing on comfort & encouraging an active lifestyle. The harem pant that packs into it pocket was inspired by the Eno Hammock and designed and manufactured by Rachel Raab. “I wanted to create a harem pant with pockets! Harem pants with pockets are not common, yet so functional, when I had the idea to combine the two it made so much sense. Something practical and comfy. Go figure. I hope you enjoy the pants just as much as I do.” – Raab

Buddha Pants was founded in December 2012 by Rachel Raab, Similar styles of Buddha Pants are called shalwar pants, harem pants, Gypsy pants. Buddha pants are all of the above and they fold themselves into their own pocket, making them a perfect travel-ready addition to any wardrobe! They give the illusion of a large triangular skirt but have flexible ankles that can be pulled up on the calf to create different looks.