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Body Nutrition specializes in protein supplements, providing a selection of vegan/plant-based options and dairy versions as well. We artisanally manufacture all our products in house for complete control of ingredient selection and product processes to deliver the highest-quality proteins directly to you!

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Q: Can you firstly tell us a bit about yourself, and why you founded body nutrition?
A: Six years ago, like many fitness enthusiasts, I was very concerned about optimizing my nutrient and protein intake to maximize lean muscle growth. It got very confusing and tedious blending and timing my intake of whey, casein and egg white, each of which had their own unique properties concerning digestion and absorption times. All the multi-blend proteins on the market hid their protein mixtures in a “proprietary blend,” and would not disclose the ratios to me even when I phoned and emailed them. I came to find out that the reason they did this was because of the great price differential between the three types of proteins and that a “proprietary blend” was nothing more than an industry euphemism for “99% of the cheapest ingredients and 1% of the expensive ingredients.” Now in the pharmaceutical industry, the FDA would never allow a drug to be released without the disclosing the exact mg of the active ingredient in the dosage, so why should proteins and supplements be any different? They shouldn’t! Hence, Body Nutrition was born to be completely honest and transparent with what goes into our products because you, the customer, deserve to know – to NOT be kept in the black – about what you are purchasing & consuming.