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Blue Monkey is an extensive line of all natural, organic, not from concentrate coconut waters and snacks that have no preservatives, sugar or additives. The many healthy benefits of Blue Monkey include our products being gluten free, vegan and an excellent source of potassium.
Attendees at Wanderlust 2016 will have the opportunity to sample Blue Monkey natural and organic coconut water beverages and the 11 flavours of natural coconut chip snacks. In addition to the beverages and snacks, attendees will be introducing our new line of Blue Monkey Essentials. Blue Monkey Essentials is a boutique line of natural coconut wax candles in 4 original scents.
We welcome you to stop by our booth at Wanderlust 2016, to taste and experience the Blue Monkey difference. Your visit to our booth will be enhanced with additional activities, specifically designed to make your Blue Monkey experience at Wanderlust the best ever! See you there!