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Micronutrients – Made in Austria

Biogena is a natural micronutrient company based in Austria. Our scientifically-supported product formulations contain no artificial colorants or flavorings, ensuring maximal absorption and optimum tolerability. It’s what we call the Biogena “Premium Quality Principle. In an effort to be more sustainable and protect global resources, we package all our supplements in 100% eco-friendly bottles made from sugarcane by-products (Green PE). We also launched the Biogena Forest initiative, aimed at planting 1m trees worldwide by 2029.

Biogena x Wanderlust

The desire to live a healthy and active lifestyle has become an increasing priority in recent years. Fortunately, everyone has the power to make a flourishing contribution to their wellbeing. Practicing mindfulness, being kind to yourself, and taking care of your physical health, are all ways to make a positive impact on your wellbeing.

We, at Biogena, want to share our expertise so that we can assist you in creating the foundation for a healthy life. Because we believe knowledge is power. To this end, Biogena will present at the 108 event in Berlin in 2020.

Attending the event will be some of our top speakers to share their expert knowledge on topics such as nutrition and supporting health through targeted supplementation.

Another highlight is the “Biogena Check-up Mobil,” where we will be offering professionally administered quick tests for Oxidative Stress. Through a finger-prick, we can collect information on the level of free radicals in your body. This provides insight into how much oxidative stress the body is exposed to by outside stressors such as pollution, medication, habits, etc.

Biogena at a glance

  • Products – more than 260 quality products
  • Partner – more than 10,000 doctors and therapists
  • Customers – more than 450,000 from 40 different countries
  • Production – more than 150 million capsules a year
  • Stores – Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, München, Augsburg, Freilassing, 2 x Salzburg, 2 x Wien, 2 x Linz, Klagenfurt, Villach, Graz, Natternbach, Amsterdam andd Dubai. More to come.