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At BeYou, we believe in celebrating all things natural. Our flagship product, the BeYou Period Cramp Relief Patch is an all natural solution for soothing period cramps. No more pills or hot water bottles – periods are natural, so why not use what mother nature has provided us with to help?

The only active ingredients are eucalyptus and menthol, which combined, help bring the blood flow back to the area, easing the muscular tension. Not only that, they both have natural analgesic properties, which means they effectively numb pain receptors. It’s not a heat patch either – after applying it most women describe the feeling as a “tingle” or a “cooling sensation”. No more pills or carrying around hot water bottles. Finally, natural relief from period cramps!

Along the way, we’ve had some truly inspiring stories – from women who were considering hysterectomies, to young girls who were routinely given powerful medication. However, we believe it’s not good enough to just create natural products, we want to empower people to understand and appreciate all that is natural about a woman. That is our calling, and we’ll be working hard to fight for it.

We know we’re not the first to say that, but we hope we can make a difference in our own way – it’s not just about women, it’s about all of us!