Banyan Tree Yoga

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Banyan Tree Yoga is a space where everyone can practice – young, mature, beginners, experienced. The banyan tree served as inspiration in creating our sanctuary as the tree is constantly evolving and re-birthing through its branches becoming a part of its root system. Prenatal Yoga is a sacred time for moms to bond with their babies, moms can practice with their babies in our Mommy & Me classes, Hatha Yoga welcomes all levels, and more challenging Vinyasa practices cater to yogis with a stronger practice. We are excited about our continual growth and especially the personal breakthroughs and friendships we witness grow each day. We offer a space where you can practice without judgment or fear, just an internal observation. We guide you through challenges you face on the mat to build your physical, mental and spiritual strength to pull you through challenges you face off the mat.

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