Annie Savoie

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Annie was introduced to yoga in 2001 when she was looking to become a more flexible dancer. Little did she know that not only her body would become more flexible, but her mind and soul as well. Since her first time on the mat, Annie has felt something that no other activity had ever made her feel. It took a few years before she was able to lie in savasana and experience the space that exists between the thoughts. Since then, she has never looked back.

Annie worked at lululemon athletica for nine years and during that time she was able to experience Montreal’s yoga in its entirety. She built lasting relationships with studio owners and the best of what Montréal has to offer in terms of yoga teachers. 11 years into her practice, its become inevitable for her to share what yoga has brought her in terms of tools to manage life.

She embarked on an amazing teacher training journey with Sylvie Tremblay from Sangha Yoga. She has since been teaching, although she is now focusing on finding a career to sustain the yoga teaching part of her life. Her favourite people to teach are beginners. She teaches them with compassion, humour, and finds a way to meet her students where they are. Aside from Sylvie, Annie has studied and taken workshops with Bram Levinson, Melanie Richards, Jennifer Maagendans, Sean Corn and many more.

She honours the practice, it’s tools and the many teachers that she has been blessed to have on her path. Annie believes there is a yoga for everybody and is grateful for a festival like Wanderlust Yoga Festival to bring together like minded individuals.


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