Anna Johnson

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Anna is an energetic yoga teacher who will bring the possibility to your practice. She values connection and believes in the power of coming together, in support of each, to practice yoga. Her path to yoga began with an injury, and through continued physical, spiritual and intellectual dedication, Anna’s personal practice evolved into a call to help others. She believes in yoga as an open door, an invitation to experience physical growth but also love, self-awareness, compassion, and even enlightenment.

Anna has completed Level 1 and Level 2 Baptiste training and has continued her training with Bryan Kest, Lisa Black, Jason Crandell, and Seane Corn. She has over 40 hours of Teacher Assisting training and is invested in helping students experience yoga with a sense of freedom and exploration. Anna is a Lululemon Ambassador, Wanderlust Wayfarer, holds community benefit classes several times a year for causes such as Parkinson’s disease, Hurricane Relief, and Hope Link. She also volunteers with Joined Forces Yoga, teaching yoga each week to enlisted men and women.

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