Anjali Mudra Yoga

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Anjali Mudra Yoga is a place where qualified teachers guide students of all backgrounds (parents, professionals, men, and women) in the practice of yoga. We come together to explore yoga, creativity, movement, art, relationships, and spirituality. Its community-promoting environment provides quality teachings through yoga and personal development related classes & workshops, bodywork, and counseling.

At Anjali Mudra Yoga, we believe that personal growth and good health are promoted through a combination of yoga and creative and artistic expression. The conversation continues long after a yoga class. Enjoy tea and conversation and feel free to ask questions to the teachers and staff at any time during opening hours. Our inclusive environment is tailored to those who wish to receive quality instruction and be empowered on their journey of uniting all aspects of the self. Our skilled team of yoga teachers, body workers and coaches are honored to be a part of your process.

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