Angelique de Gruchy

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Angelique took her first yoga class at the age of 18. From the moment she stepped on the mat, she knew that she had found something special. She wasn’t sure whether it was the dim lighting, the essential oils, the breathing, the movement, the mediation or a combination of all these things, but something seemed to spark in her that night. She stayed for savasana and floated blissfully out of the class feeling absolutely amazing. In the years that followed she slowly and steadily continued her practice, finding comfort and refuge in its dependability and familiarity.

Funnily enough, half way through a Creative Arts Degree, Angelique realized she had an undeniable desire to teach the ancient art that she practiced on the mat. The spark was strong, but with a Music Major to complete she questioned whether it could be done in that moment. Suddenly, she found herself daydreaming through university lectures and tutorials about an amazing yoga business that she could start. It would be about creating sacred space and fusing yoga, movement and mediation with stellar playlists and live music. It would be about breaking rules, having more fun, empowering people, encouraging a sense of connection and community. It HAD to be done. So in her final year of university, Angelique undertook her yoga teacher training. They say when the student is ready the teacher will appear. They did.

That daydream has become The Yoga Sessions and our mission is to
Connect | Inspire | Encourage
the whole world to have MORE FUN & to become MORE EMPOWERED by practicing the art of Yoga, Mindful Movement and Meditation to AMAZING music.
With an eclectic professional background ranging from casting agency talent to business management to remedial massage therapy, Angelique will bring you a yoga class like no other!