World Meditation Day

Pearls of Wisdom from the mindful leaders.



“Meditation helps us find centre in times of change and challenge: so as the world speeds up for some on the frontlines, and slows down for others at home, there has never been a more apt moment to pause than this year’s World Meditation Day.”

Navigating towards stillness as a global human family on this day stands as a powerful commitment to peace and conscious action. When we connect with the global human family through the silence, we remember our capacity for kindness, sense our shared hopes and desires, and recall our courage to sit down beside the mystery of this life. So, whether it’s your first meditation or your 1000th – don’t forget to drop in for practice on 21st May!

Neil Seligman


franc“I like to think of meditation as a reset opportunity. No matter what can be happening in the world or our lives we have this gift where we can pause. My daily practice is a sure reminder just as my thoughts are ever-changing so is life and meditating each morning has allowed me to start my day with a clear mind and a peaceful heart. In these times of change and uncertainty, there is no better time to explore the practice of meditation.”

Francesca Secolonovo




“These are the times we meditate for. Meditation allows us to fine-tune the nervous system so we can handle the stresses of daily life. When setting your intentions, don’t attach to a specific outcome: rather than striving to achieve a goal, try setting the intention to become more loving, or compassionate, or open. Those intentions will serve you no matter what the world looks like.”

Light Watkins




“In this time of uncertainty, meditation is like Netflix for the mind-body and soul. It’s a time to switch off, reconnect and chill. Our bodies are on high alert in fight or flight mode to protect ourselves and our families. Meditation is like medicine for the mind giving it the support it needs to keep us going. I have been setting a beautiful intention during this time. Saying I am loved and protected. This helps me to stay positive and secure. Setting intentions that give you comfort and repeating them can really help when times are stressful.”

Aisha Carrington