You’ve got this: a guide to inner strength during the times of uncertainty

If nothing changes, nothing changes. No one could have predicted the impact of this global crisis and the upheaval that has affected so many of us, but here we are! And as the world continues to navigate these times of transition, we have all had to drastically change our daily routines. As tough as change can be, it can also be an opportunity to evolve and do things differently for yourself.


A crucial part of getting through life’s challenges is to create a stronger, more positive mindset. The Mind-body connection is truly incredible, and while the body has the natural ability to protect itself, stress can affect us all in different ways. By making small yet impactful changes to your daily routine, making thoughtful choices each day, being mindful of the products you use, choosing products that are kind to your body’s natural balance, we give ourselves the best chance of leading a healthy lifestyle and mindset.

Here are five helpful tips for creating inner strength of mind and body during difficult times.


Find ways to be proactive in your self-care and to embrace choices that help you to build a positive self-care routine driven by kindness to your mind and body. Take this time of change as an opportunity to reset your wellbeing routine, create new goals for yourself and be proactive in your choices. The best way to make a commitment to your well-being is to journal your goals, make yourself accountable by writing down your wellness goals, it will help to create and support a mindset whereby you choose activities in your life that care and recharge your mind and body.

The crisis has highlighted for many of us how we often push ourselves, and possibly not take the time to nourish and care for ourselves. This is the time to commit to yourself, take time out, nurture and strengthen yourself.


Much of what we do in life is based on habits and autopilot behavior that then gets stored in our unconscious mind. Take this time of change to create a new self-care routine, and build new neural pathways, create new habits that are good for your well-being and that make you stronger and healthier from the inside out.

One of the most important elements of self care is our sleep patterns and habits. While we sleep, our body recovers and rebuilds the defence mechanisms that are responsible for the strength of our immune system. A balanced circadian rhythm also has a direct effect on your mental health and resilience, therefore creating a routine based around getting a restful night’s sleep pattern is something that supports a healthy mind-body connection.


Stress impacts us all differently so opt for science-backed daily-use products, such as toothpaste. Zendium contains natural enzymes and proteins that strengthen your mouth natural defences and have a prebiotic benefit – which is clinically proven to boost the good bacteria in the mouth whilst reducing the bad bacteria, balancing the oral microbiome. 

By using products that are kind to our bodies, we are making daily and ongoing changes that contribute to the overall improvement of our health and wellbeing. And by starting small but being consistent, we can make real and long-lasting changes to our lives.


The mind-body connection is powerful; there is a communication and synergy between the two, and it is a relationship we can neglect. Consciously or not, what we consume and the products we use daily can affect our moods, emotions, and, ultimately, our mindset. Our gut is considered to be our second brain and it can directly impact our emotional stability and mood. Scientists have researched how the state of our gut microbiome can cause changes in how our brains react and function. So feed your body with love and positivity by making healthy food choices – choose nourishing, plant-based options such as fruit and vegetables and good bacteria-boosting foods.

And because of the mind-body-mind synergy, be mindful that just as you care for your body, you also must care for your mind. Feed your mind with healthy positive thoughts, look for gratitude where you can in life. Take time out to enjoy simple pleasures – the sunshine, cool green grass under your feet, your favourite scent, a happy memory. Truly connect to these everyday moments, as they help calm a busy mind and nervous system.


Mindfulness involves paying attention to something in a particular way and being in the present moment, which calms our busy minds and our nervous system. All sorts of everyday activities can bring mindfulness, including cooking, knitting, colouring, gardening – and even toothbrushing can become a part of your daily mindful practice.

Use your daily routine of tooth brushing as an opportunity to be mindful and give your brain a chance to rest. Practicing mindful toothbrushing is much like a meditation – it’s about the focus of attention and repetition. So while making sure your teeth and gums are cared for, you are also caring for your mind.
Follow the simple steps below for Mindful toothbrushing – and even better choose a toothpaste, like Zendium that is kind to your body and promotes good bacteria balance.

Mindful Brushing How to

  1. Stand in front of the mirror. Take a deep breath in and say ‘Relax’ to yourself as you exhale. Apply the toothpaste to your toothbrush.
  2. Begin to brush, feel the movement of the brush as it moves from one tooth to the next.
  3. Breathe through your nose, slowly and deliberately, as you relax your neck and jaw.
  4. Notice your grip on the toothbrush, feel how you hold the toothbrush in your hand.
  5. Feel the brush moving over your top teeth and gums, and then move the brush slowly around the bottom row of teeth and gums.
  6. Taste the toothpaste – even better that Zendium is also low-foaming and free from nasties, and are the pioneers of turning this morning habit into a 2-minute moment of Zen.
  7. You can even add in some positive statements during the brushing, feel grateful for your teeth, and all they allow you to do – from chewing, drinking, smiling, and talking.
  8. As you rinse, breathe deeply through your nose and exhale out.
  9. Notice your clean teeth and smile!

Have a great day knowing you have looked after the health of your mouth and your mind! If you decide to do it in the evening, try stretching your mouth before going to bed to release tension in the face muscles that have been talking, smiling and chewing throughout the day.

And remember, self-care is a necessity, not a luxury.


claire Claire Aristides is a Hypnotherapist, Visualisation & Mindset Consultant and founder of Mindology.App. After completing a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology), Claire entered the business world working in IT, then launching successful fine jewellery brand Aristides Fine Jewels. Hypnosis has had a significant impact in both the business and personal aspect of Claire’s life and it is this passion for hypnosis that she shares with her clients. Check out her work here and follow Claire on Instagram.




Zendium toothpaste protects your mouth in a kinder way and is designed to strengthen your mouth – not fight against it. Its pioneering formula contains natural antibacterial enzymes and proteins to boost your mouth’s most powerful defence system: the oral microbiome. Zendium is kind by design. Instead of using harsh chemicals, Zendium uses ingredients that have a prebiotic benefit and is free from SLS foaming agent making it suitable for even the most delicate mouths.