Do It And Then You’re Doing It, Even When There’s Nothing to Do

This story is a part of a series called Do It And Then You’re Doing It, in which we…

This story is a part of a series called Do It And Then You’re Doing It, in which we attempt to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and take your life to the next level.

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Look, the whole reason I started this series was because I wanted to show the world that Wanderlust is way more than a yoga festival with some sweet music offerings. There are hikes, stand up paddle board classes, runs, adventure races, meditations, dance parties, weird stuff – all of it.

At Aspen-Snowmass, I couldn’t find a fear to face. I thought heights would work, but honestly I’m not that afraid of heights. I’ve never tried SUP, but I’m not scared of that by any means. I have a bit of social anxiety, so I thought maybe I should go to a full night of shows and force myself to stand in a crowd of people and dance until I couldn’t feel my feet. But then I fell asleep (we work hard here, you guys).

So now, I’m sitting here, at the end of Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass, afraid that I can’t find anything to write about. I’ve got an entire train of thought going that is telling me that I’m not that creative and I’m probably not that good at my job. I’m just fooling these people into thinking I’m smart and I should probably just quit while I’m ahead.

So, it’s time to face this fear of inadequacy. But how?

Do it and then you’re doing it.

I’m facing the fear by being honest with you. I’m admitting that I don’t always have the answers, but that doesn’t mean I’m inadequate. Facing your fears and coming out on top doesn’t always require action. In this case, it asks me to be still, watch, breathe and determine what is factual and what is emotional.

This weekend, Rod Stryker asked us to locate the observer – that little being in all of us that actively watches our every move without judgement – and then he asked us to observe the observer. This is all very meta, but when you zoom way out from the little nitpicky voices in your head – the ones that are constantly calculating the validity of your existence – you are gifting yourself of the pleasures of the present.

Instead of realizing that my job pays me to write about a festival that travels to some of the most beautiful locations all over North America, I’m sitting in my hotel room with the shades drawn and judging myself for not doing anything cool and daring this weekend. Instead of going outside and taking deep breaths and smiling at the few yogis who are still left onsite, I’m wondering if I’m good enough to be here.

Enough is enough.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to shut down my computer and go count my blessings and watch the sun set over the Rocky Mountains.

Do it and then you’re doing it.

1493122_10104006331212070_157903400_nTatum Fjerstad is our Content and Communications Manager. Born and raised in Minneapolis, this writer/yoga teacher/cat lady is determined to make you laugh as you bravely step out of your comfort zones.