You Were Born to Bloom: Awaken the Artist Within

Ignore the haters!

There’s something special about this video. Beyond the feeling it captures or the majestic field of bluebonnets, it’s the fulfillment of a vision. Over five years ago, I felt called to begin making short poetic videos. And for some strange reason, I pressed pause on producing these cinematic shots of expression.  Why?

First of all, I was afraid. Because the ideas came from a deeply spiritual place, I suppose I had my guard up on revealing what was living in my heart. The last time I shared a personal, visionary message to a larger audience, I let myself get shot down by just one critic. One person who felt like it would be funny to shout “wake up already!” in the middle of my short film screening at a festival. The story was about fleeting memories, and there was a long (possibly indulgent) dream sequence. Even though the film won awards and was an awesome achievement, this moment scarred me. Caused me to cringe and halt whenever I felt compelled to create something original.

“Born to Bloom” is a nice way to say F* that. It’s an invitation to feel free to awaken the artist within. That vulnerable ventriloquist too afraid to stand strong with their own voice (nothing against puppeteers, I adore them).

Furthermore, it’s a war cry for creatives to come alive and express themselves.

Why do we forget the reason for our existence?

How can we more readily embrace our inner light?

Where is the proverbial hoverboard that will help us navigate the path ahead with more fun, swiftness, and grace?

I go to battle with these kinds of questions. They lie just beneath the surface, and arrive into my awareness when I take the time to write what’s on my mind (journal more!).

The exercises in the book “The Artist’s Way” certainly help, I highly recommend it. But I must warn you–we often hide behind our healing process for too long instead of leaping forward and taking action. This is where the magic exists. Where we have to confront our fears more tangibly. There’s struggle and triumph, and every emotion in between. And it’s the ultimate medicine for the soul. It’s why we’re alive. We were born to bloom…

For me, that takes the shape of just going out there and filming things for the fun of it. And that’s what we did with this video. We invited friends to go frolic in a field with us. And decided to weave that visual tapestry with some deeper personal inquiry.

I realize I’m not so attached to how others may receive this video. The reward was the process. The art was in the action. I can still smell the fragrance of thousands of Texas Bluebonnets. The rush of chasing the sun as it set along the hill country horizon. These are the moments I live for.

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This article was originally published on Circus Picnic.

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