What will your Wanderlust spark be?

A Wanderlust weekend is a uniquely personal experience; many participants are touched and awed in different ways, and…

A Wanderlust weekend is a uniquely personal experience; many participants are touched and awed in different ways, and some will feel a spark of inspiration in their hearts. This ember can take many shapes. It might be the seed of a plan to undertake something new, a desire to participate as a volunteer at a future event, the idea for a community project, an urge to study to become a yoga instructor, the inspiration to start your own small business, a determination to incorporate meditation into daily life or to delve more deeply into the practice of yoga. Indeed, the spark can be as diverse as the individuals who attend the festivals, and each festival is unique because it is created around the community from a spontaneous impetus.

The Wanderlust spark ignited in me as I watched a video that my instructor, Shiva Rea, sent me in 2011 to help promote the festival. It gave me an overwhelming urge to explore and share my passion for yoga and bring an entire community together to foster the unique expression of each individual and the contribution of each artisan to create a memorable experience at home, in Mont-Tremblant. I later experienced the festival in Whistler and Tremblant’s last year. Two festivals, two experiences, the same spark.

Imagine if everyone decided to nurture the Wanderlust spark when they got back home and shared it with their community. The joy, the inspiration, the positive energy, the sharing, the collaboration and the art recreated the world over by you and through you… The festival would continue to live and touch the hearts of communities worldwide. Close your eyes for a moment and imagine the spark lighting up around the planet.

The Wanderlust spark ignited in me. I nurture it and live it every moment of my day. Wanderlust is part of me now, an extension of my being. Wanderlust is me, you, each of us.

What is your Wanderlust spark? How do you nurture it? How can you share the feeling inside when you experience a Wanderlust festival? Keep that spark alive, share it and nourish it! It will spread its light to the people around you. That’s where the transformation begins, because we are all connected!

Janick-yoga-fev2014-(2)-crop_0Janick Leonard is inspired by the generosity of spirit of people whose every action is in the service of others. She encourages everyone to find their mission, their unique contribution to the world, and to be guided by that spark. Janick will lead a meditation class on the Wanderlust spark and suggest ways to feed the inner flame after Wanderlust. Join Janick in her leadership, meditation and Yoga of the Seasons programmes, all of which are available online at www.yogadessaisons.com & www.janickleonard.com