What We Need More Than Trees

A world of appreciation.

What our planet needs beyond the vision and planting of trees, is appreciation. This single facet of divine wisdom changed my life.

Many things have changed my reality, turned it on its axis: the passing of loved ones; a diagnosis of life-threatening illness; the loss, challenges and birth of life as a human in this complex world of energies, power, love and fear. But something about the words, “Plant through appreciation, not fear” moved me into an altogether different engagement with the natural world, our beautiful, precious planet, and reality itself.

As an energy channel, I receive messages from the spiritual and energetic world every day. It was my questioning of how we can help our planet, which prompted a ‘download’ from spirit which in simple terms, encapsulated all I know to be true: that energy itself is more powerful than any single act and our intention – as the channel for this energy – is where the solution (or problem) lay. It was what I had applied to my healing through cancer. It is what I apply in my day-to-day work and living.  Why would nature, and our planet itself, be any different?

The trees are in crisis,” I was told. “They risk reaching a tipping point, where all trees will be lost.” I understood the interconnected aspect of nature: how a single tree – such as the one upon my street – is connected through invisible fields to all trees and all continents. I understood too, of the power of appreciation. What I hadn’t appreciated, was how simple the answer was to a global challenge: Heal through appreciation, not fear. Because the energy we plant with is included in the outcome. And the last thing our trees or we need is more fear.

“Give the trees appreciation, and they will flourish,” I was told. “Rather than plant 200,000 trees through fear, have 200,000 people plant a tree each through appreciation. The difference in impact is immeasurable.”

Of course, our planet needs more than just trees to calm the climate increase. It requires consistent, applied awareness and action. Individually, we are contributing through our chosen energetic approach. Today, and every day; through the choices, thoughts and energies we radiate. When we include appreciation – crucially, when we want the changes needed by our planet – our engagement changes and we acquire a sense of agency.  An increased sense of presence and accountability. Of aliveness and inclusion. We feel the benefit of our contribution, knowing a small, yet genuinely connected act or intention becomes a powerful addition to the environment we are creating – not just for nature, but for future generations too.

“The decline of trees can be halted. The tipping point can be reversed,” I was told. It will require our presence and participation: a willingness to create change and growth, to personally awaken and expand our values…to change the narrative of our lives. And to apply it, right now. As only we can. The benefits far outweigh the risks, don’t they?

So, are you ready for more appreciation? Can you encourage others, too?

Together, we make a difference.


Delilah Sullivan – Energy Channel, Healer & Mentor.

Delilah intuitively awakens energy, creating healing and guiding us to the vital – and often elusiveinner alignment we seek. Her gift, of the awareness and ability to walk between spiritual, energetic and physical dimensions, enables this transformational and accessible work – online, in nature, with the land and in the workplace.

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