What to Bring to Wanderlust 108 Los Angeles

Get ready for a spectacular day of running, yoga, and meditation with this guide. Still need a ticket? Snag one now before it’s too late!

Tickets are still available for the Wanderlust 108 Los Angeles this weekend! Here’s what you need to know to plan ahead. 

A Sense of Adventure

Never been to a mindful triathlon before, you say? That’s what we like to hear. We’re all about trying new things, and what better way to have a new experience than to see your day at Wanderlust 108 as one big adventure. Meet new people, sample new foods, explore your practice in a new setting. Open yourself up to fresh perspectives and treat each opportunity that comes your way as a chance to learn something new about yourself.

Yoga Mat & Towel

Our perfect package for the yoga session: A light travel mat and a towel to help your hands stay put when things get sweaty. But it doesn’t end there! Towels, and mats have all sorts of other uses at a mindful triathlon if you get creative:

  • Savasana can be a bit blinding under a sunny sky. Roll up your yoga towel and lay it over your eyes to calm your nervous system and really let go.
  • If it rains, use your mat as a slip-and-slide. We’ve seen it done at Wanderlust!
  • Note that if you can’t bring a mat with you, you’ll be able to rent one on-site with our mat concierge.

Reusable Water Bottle

Be good to your body: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We can’t say it enough. Glass or stainless steel are great sustainable options.

Running Shoes

The run portion of the Wanderlust 108 is about fun, not finish times. But you know what’s not fun? Blisters. Or injuries. Wearing the proper shoes can help prevent both. If you’re not sure what the rights kicks are for you, ask someone at your local running store.

An Intention

Setting an intention is the first step to increasing any positive quality in our lives. This can be a word, such as “calm,” or “balance” or a concept such as “be kinder to myself.” Take a moment before heading to Wanderlust 108 to reflect on the intention you want to guide your day. Plant the seed so that it can grow. Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking:

  • Be present
  • Simply breathe. All day.
  • See the positive
  • Make others smile
  • Stay open to what’s possible (anything!)
  • Release fear
  • Practice patience
  • Look for the moments between moments
  • Love. It’s a BE, not a DO

A Mantra

Coming armed with mantras prepares you for when things get tough—and those moments will come! Think of something that will give you strength and focus as you recite it, serving as a source of courage and inspiration, connecting the body with the mind. Here are a few gems:

  • Yes I can. Yes I will.
  • Practice makes possible.
  • Inhale, exhale. Breathe.
  • This is temporary. This is worth it.
  • Let it be easy, let it be fun.
  • It is an honor to be here.
  • Now starts now. (#nowstartsnow)

Run-to-Yoga Apparel

Wearing clothes that work just as well for running as they do practicing yoga will help you focus on being present instead of worrying about changing between events. You don’t need anything fancy, just clothes you’re meant to move in—stretchy, sweat-wicking, and, most of all, comfortable. Be mindful of the weather, too. Layers, people!


Yes to Vitamin D, no to sun damage. Protect yourself. Come prepared with sweat-resistant sunscreen and avoid frying your face, arms, or—sneakiest of all—the tops of your feet.


You never know when inspiration might strike. You’ll thank yourself later.

Reusable Silverware / Cloth Napkin

We require our vendors to use compostable and recyclable flatware, but if you’re looking to make your carbon footprint even smaller, bring your favorite spork set.

Something to Keep Everything Together

Your journal, sunscreen, reusable flatware, wallet and water bottle all need a safe place to hang out together as you roam. Could be a backpack, small tote, extra large yoga mat bag… Whatever works for you! (Bag check will be available for all attendees, but please note that all items must be contained in a single bag in order to be checked.)

Positive Energy

This starts with the night before and continues all the way until you arrive at the event. Get a good night’s sleep. Eat a healthful breakfast. Try not to get caught up in your phone or work before rushing out the door. Set yourself up for success in both body and mind—not only will you have the physical energy to take on the day’s challenges, but you’ll also feel more vibrant, open-hearted, and ready to experience the adventure to come.