What the Solar Eclipse Means for You

Astrologer Brittany Goss shares some of the magic behind the epic solar shadow.

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A total eclipse plunges the world into darkness. In the absence of the sun, the world is cold. The shadows of night fall unexpectedly in the middle of the day. Monday’s total eclipse of the sun is about facing those shadows.

The shadow self is that within us which is untamed, deemed uncivilized and therefore repressed. Some call it the wild part of ourselves. Banished from the self, the wild can grow ugly and violent. But if given a healthy space in which to breathe, the wild is a vital part of the whole. Your shadow self can signal anger to protect you. It can connect you with other, equally flawed humans. It has lessons to teach you about yourself, about what you will and will not put up with, about what you want. Once welcomed in, the shadow often proves to be a paper tiger—it’s rarely as scary as it seemed.

These are the shadows you are called to integrate with Monday’s eclipse, by sign and rising sign:


The shadow of childhood. The child throws tantrums. She must learn how to behave. But when a wild thing is tamed, there is also something lost. Listen to the message of your inner child.


The ancestral shadow. You carry the memories and trauma of your ancestors unconsciously in your body. Acknowledge the shadows of your history and allow yourself to grieve.


The neighboring shadow. Do you know someone you can’t stand? Look in the mirror. It’s your shadow, reflected back at you through another person. Acknowledge the parts of yourself you dislike.


The shadow of self-worth. Society has taught you to devalue yourself, to expect less, to be self-deprecating. Allow yourself to celebrate your own worth. Err on the side of egotistical. Expect more.


 The shadow of self-image. You’re comfortable with sunshine, happiness, and laughter. But everyone has a dark side. Let yourself express the whole range of emotions.


The secret shadow. You’ve stored your shadow in the closet; you’ve swept it under the rug. Maintaining the outward appearance of perfection is a stressful full-time job. Let yourself be messy.


The collective shadow. Society can be appalling. We should have peace and harmony, not war and discord. But this isn’t Heaven; it’s Earth. Roll up your sleeves and address the ugliness.


The public shadow. To achieve success, you have to be visible. You want complete control over your image. But it’s OK if other people know you’re human. Be real.


The shadow of belief. You know the truth, or at least you believe in your version of it. But what if the truth is more complex than you think? Address your own dogma.


The shadow of taboo. You command respect in the daylit world, with your hard work and success. But there are shadows that respectable people don’t dare discuss. Break the silence.


The shadow of the other. What is foreign often inspires fear, and that fear is the seed of hate. Face your fear of otherness, of your own difference. Dispel hatred with understanding.


The shadow of the martyr. Service is saintly, but a commitment to constant suffering serves no one. What are you sacrificing and why? It is possible to give and remain empowered.

Brittany Goss is a Brooklyn-based astrologer and founder of Rebel Astrology. She offers readings, custom written reports, and astrology parties. She also writes Dear Rebel, an advice column in Honeysuckle Magazine. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @rebelastro.