Wellspring in Photos

A photo journal of this important weekend.

A photo is usually worth a thousand words—but we’re not sure that’s true when it comes to Wellspring. We learned, expanded our comfort zones, and came together as community in ways we never have before, and are leaving more inspired than we’ve felt in a long time. Personally, socially, and globally: We’re ready to continue the conversations and make the changes that will make us all well.

Having said that—photos are fun. Here are some of our faves from this transformative weekend.

All photography by Melissa Gayle.  

There were moments we listened and absorbed the genius of luminaries.

Russell Brand with his unique hilarity.
Gary Zukav and Linda Francis breaking down real relationship advice.
Kyle Cease reminding us not to set our own limitations.

There were moments we engaged—and began to draft the blueprint for our shared future.

We embraced tough conversations, including wellness beyond whiteness.
We all had wisdom to share in thought-provoking workshops.
Even teachers learned. Nicole Cardoza, founder of Yoga Foster, took a break from teaching to listen.

We stretched our bodies and embraced the sweat.

Gloveworx brought it.
Elena Brower helped us stretch to new heights.
Alli Forsythe encouraged us to keep going.

And we found time to absorb and center.

Soaking up rays poolside at the Renaissance.
We introduced the next generation to the healing power of soundbaths.
We flipped our perspective in AiReal Yoga.

We relearned—we remembered—that we’re always better when we come together.

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