Tommy Rosen: Get High (Naturally)

“There isn’t anyone who isn’t trying to get high in one way or another,” begins Tommy Rosen in…

“There isn’t anyone who isn’t trying to get high in one way or another,” begins Tommy Rosen in this Speakeasy lecture from Wanderlust Squaw 2013.

He explains that the methods in which we seek happiness, connectedness or even escape often leave us depleted rather than energized or fulfilled. His newer approach to sobriety takes what works about AA and adds three mindfulness components that address a full transformation of thinking, and a transformation of life.

He calls his approach Recovery 2.0 and in this lecture he makes clear where the upgrade is: “It’s not a pill, it’s always available to you, it’s not something that you buy, you don’t have to go anywhere, you just have to know how to use it and you have to tune your consciousness to it.” What else could possibly be such a magical secret sauce to the secret of life, but the breath.

In this truly useful discussion, Tommy shares:

  • a 3-minute practice that will make you calmer and more focused — the natural away to get high
  • how the “big 5 addictions” are fueled by the “4 aggravations”
  • why the 60 degree angle of the arms in breath of fire is a relevant measure
  • the difference between receiving a breath and taking a breath
  • how to apply the principle of short term gain AND long term gain to what you want, the media you consume, and more
  • the three things not addressed in a traditional 12-step program

“The most prevalent addiction in the world is the belief that we are separate from each other, that we are separate from our creator and that our individual actions do not affect the whole.” With Tommy’s very potent Recovery 2.0 tools, learn how to get an upgrade not only to your recovery plan, but for your life overall.