Interested in Wanderlust TV? Try This *Free* Class with Schuyler Grant

Find the beat and build heat in this invigorating backbend-focused class. If you liked this year’s 21-Day Yoga Challenge, you’ll love this!

Yep, you read that right. We’re offering you a *free* trial of Schuyler’s FIXX class on Wanderlust TV, through the rest of April, 2019.

ICYMI, we launched the all-new subscription-based Wanderlust TV last month. For just $9.99 / month, access all your favorite Wanderlust teachers, unique flows, and gorgeous backdrops. Already own some classes from last year? No worries! You keep everything you bought a la carte.

Get The FIXX on Wanderlust TV here.

schuyler grant in anjeynasana with lights dark sky