Uncovering the Unique Power of Mala Beads

Malas abound at Wanderlust – pretty much everybody from the Co-Founders to the vendors are adorned with some form of beaded bracelet.

Mala BeadsWanderlust gifted all Sage and Seekers in 2012 a handmade mala bracelet when they arrived at Wanderlust registration, many of which are still on the wrists of our committed kula, which is one reason why they’re so popular in our community but yogis and mindfulness practitoners well beyond our circle have been wearing malas long before we arrived on the scene. Perhaps you’ve wondered about the significance of mala beads, and why the yoga community sports them so steadfastly? Ruby Warrington explores this on the lululemon blog in her interview with Sarah Peyrow of Shakti Jewelry. We share some of the finer points of their discussion, below:


RW: What makes the beads in a mala significant?

SP: The significance of the beads is related to the stone or wood used in the mala, as each material has its own unique powers. As for the fact there are 108 beads on a mala, there is astrological significance, numerological significance and spiritual significance. But my personal favourite is that there are 108 energetic pathways to the heart.

RW: Can a mala be purely decorative, or does it always have another purpose for the wearer?

SP: A lot of people are attracted to malas for their decorative beauty, but even if it’s notintended for use as a spiritual tool it I believe it will still bring benefits to the wearer. My malas are all one of a kind, and I make them as beautiful as I can in devotion to the beauty of life, the beauty of creation, the beauty of the mind and the beauty of the journey! The fact that the mala has a spiritual context is actually what inspires me about it as a decorative piece.

To learn more about Sarah’s craft working with malas, including how she got started and what types of materials attract her, click over to the lululemon blog here. To browse Sarah’s divine creations at Shakti Jewelry, visit www.iloveshakti.com to view her inspiration in physical form.