WATCH: Tribal Marking, the Art of Connection

How do you make your mark in the world? Amir Magal makes his on other people’s bodies, through an…

How do you make your mark in the world? Amir Magal makes his on other people’s bodies, through an ongoing art project called Tribal Marking. If you’ve been to a Wanderlust Festival you’ve probably seen his flowing, intricate scripts adorning many attendees. Armed with an array of body paint pens in a fanny pack, Amir roams the festival, painting, connecting, and reminding us that we are unique, but also part of one big, beautiful tribe.

See more Amir’s work at and, and check out our Q&A with him below:

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Q: What is tribal marking?

Amir: Tribal marking is an art form and a movement of connection through art and adornment. The style is a mixture of ancient and modern script inspired from Hebrew, Arabic, and Sanskrit. For me it’s a ritual, and a way to connect and heal through art.

Q: How did this become your thing?

A: Tribal marking evolved from a burning man gifting art over 10 years ago into a full blown business. It has opened up new doors of creative expression and a venue to share my work as well as myself with thousands of people and communities. I am now training other artists, creating my own Tribal Markers, and evolving the art form into a social outreach for other Artist/Healers to apprentice and grow the craft.

Q: What’s the importance of tribe?

As humans we thrive in tribes. I know I do. It is the back bone of how we relate and trust the people in our culture. We are a part of many tribes, but together we are also one tribe. Each of us can effect our tribe with our mark and our movement.

Q: What’s next? Where are you taking this project?

As an artist and creative director of Dream Giant group. My partner and I will be hosting workshops for people to align into their visions and help them see what their mark in the world is.

The Markers are also planned to be available for sale by summer of 2015, with custom markers and colors available soon after. Email me if you’re interested.

After that comes trainings and workshops for others to learn the art form and become tribal marking artists! I am really looking forward to seeing what other artists will do with this tool in their tribes – creating a movement that is much bigger than me. My vision is also to collaborate with families and children, treating them as leaders and artists in our communities. For that, check out my non-profit: Natural Leaders Foundation.

I am so thankful for the to collaborate with Wanderlust, uplifting and seeing the beauty in the art and soul!