Keith Mitchell—The Sacred Embrace

Keith Mitchell, former NFL player and yoga teacher, explains how his personal tragedy opened new doors and set him on a path to a brighter future

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In this speakeasy talk from Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass 2014, Keith Mitchell, former linebacker for the Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and New Orleans Saints, lectures on how his personal tragedy opened new doors and set him on a path to a brighter, more balanced future.

“It is impossible to have personal connections when you are always on guard.” – Keith Mitchell

After a debilitating sports injury left him paralyzed and forced his early retirement from the NFL, Keith struggled to rehabilitate his body and soul. As a career athlete, Keith had always let football define his life. Without sports, he found himself adrift and succumbing to the depression that has plagued many of his injured peers.

“If I didn’t do something, I might not be able to walk again, do anything functional again.” – Keith Mitchell

Then he found yoga. Although hesitant at first, unsure that something so unlike football could benefit him, he gave it a chance. By embracing the practice of meditation and yoga, and exploring the healing powers of conscious breathing, his body and spirit began to mend. He regained his ability to walk and renewed his passion for life. This miraculous change put him on a new path. Today, Mitchell is a respected yoga and life coach who dedicates his time to helping the under-served youth and veterans of our society.

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