Seane Corn: Without Love, You Cannot Truly Serve the World

Imagine if love were the guiding principle by which we all lived.

Seane Corn is one of the six leading voices to speak at the upcoming Mindful America event at Wanderlust Hollywood on January 30. For more information about this special Conscious Town Hall and to purchase tickets, click here

If you’re not in LA, tune into the free livestream of the event here. To join the conversation, send your questions to @wanderlustfest by using #MindfulAmerica

Imagine if love were the guiding principle by which we all lived.

Imagine if every job we performed, every cause we supported, every opportunity we seized was born out of a place of love. Not for power, not for money, not for show. How different would our world be?

In this video, renowned yoga teacher and activist Seane Corn shares the most important piece of advice she’s ever received and how it has influenced her work—both on and off the mat—in the years since.

“If love isn’t the single most important seed being planted, then it’s not sustainable.”


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Accompanying text by Grace Edquist

Video shot and edited by Edward Boyce