Sage’s Pages: “The Hormone Cure” Part 1 – Assess Your Stress

Welcome to Part One of our “Sage’s Pages” series dedicated to mining the wisdom from Dr. Sara Gottfried’s…

Sara Gottfried Hormone Cure Book CoverWelcome to Part One of our “Sage’s Pages” series dedicated to mining the wisdom from Dr. Sara Gottfried’s New York Times-bestselling book, “The Hormone Cure”. If dipping your toe into hormonal waters strikes fear in your heart, never fear, because we have both insight and humor on our side, as the intrepid Dr. Sara Gottfried guides us through this exploration of our own biology.

Today’s assignment is simply to get on board and commit to this exploration with us by filling out Dr. Sara’s Hormone Questionnaire below to assess your hormonal balance today and give you insight into which hormones might be out of balance for you.

In order to complete the next three parts of the series, you’ll want to make sure you’ve ordered a brand new copy of her book (recently released in paperback form with over 50 pages of new material).


In the week ahead, we will ask you to read up on two chapters: Chapter 2 (A Hormonal Primer: Everything You Need to Know About Hormones) and Chapter 4 (High and/or Low Cortisol: Stress Case?). sara_water

Next week, in Part Two of the series, we will do a deep dive into the world of cortisol, and you can find out why Dr. Sara targets this particular hormone as responsible for most hormone imbalances. Subsequent weeks will find us addressing the other two parts of Dr. Sara’s “Charlie’s Angels” of hormone balance: Estrogen and Thyroid.

In the meantime, take a moment to click through the confidential questionnaire linked below to determine what areas of your physiology are potentially out of whack. If you haven’t yet signed up to get our “Sage’s Pages” emails, do so below, and then click over to the questionnaire.