Join our Sage’s Pages: “The Hormone Cure” by Dr. Sara Gottfried

We are excited to introduce you to Dr. Sara Gottfried’s work in our latest “Sage’s Pages” online book community, coinciding with the release of the latest revision of her NY Times-bestselling book “The Hormone Cure”.

Sara Gottfried Hormone Cure Book CoverWe know you: you eat whole foods, you have a consistent yoga practice, you strive for balance in work and play. And yet, there are still times when you feel burnt out, stressed out, brittle and bogged down. You know why? Because it happens to all of us: our hormones get out of whack and our body is forced to deal with a short deck of cards.

The good news is that Dr. Sara Gottfried, Harvard-educated physician and certified yoga teacher, has done the research for you and broken down the complicated net of symptoms into a simple method of detection and correction called “The Gottfried Protocol”.

We are thrilled to have Dr. Sara joining us at Wanderlust Squaw this year to give not one but TWO lectures (because we think her knowledge is so crucial to the modern woman’s health hat we asked her to double up on her presentations).

Furthermore, we are also excited to introduce you to Dr Sara’s work in our latest “Sage’s Pages” online book community, timed to coincide with the March 11th release of the latest revision of her New York Times-bestselling book “The Hormone Cure”.

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