The One Asana To Get You Focused This Season

We are creatures who do not like change. However, this year has proven that change is the only…

We are creatures who do not like change. However, this year has proven that change is the only thing that is certain nowadays. As we move into a new season let’s take a moment to stop and take stock.

Where has Summer gone?

Ok, let’s face it, we are entering into this season and with that we are also going into a new form of ‘normality’ as schools are back again and workplaces are welcoming more and more people back in the office.

As we mostly scrapping and changing our plans there is certainly less that we can control.

So, before this month disappears in a blink of an eye, let’s take a moment and imagine how you want to step into tomorrow?

  • How would it feel to be more focused?
  • How would it feel to feel good every day?
  • How would it feel to start tomorrow knowing that everything is possible?
  • How would you feel if this autumn would be the best part of this year?
  • How would you feel if you could transition with effortless effort and being completely aligned on a mind, body and soul level?

I think you would feel pretty damn AMAZING!

So, let’s do this and amongst all the odds and uncertainty that we have to face, let’s ground ourselves and find a moment every day to connect back to who we are. With deep, nourishing breaths, and mindful movements as that is the only thing that we can certainly do.

It is time to shake off what held you back in the past and find your flow to start creating conscious actions towards your big dreams! For the shake off, I suggest putting your favourite music on and dancing your heart out. And to get the most out of the rest of 2020 you can choose to get focused, and committed.

Mindful movement linked to mindful breath can help you get grounded and make the most out of the next few months.

Reverse Warrior is one of my favourites.

Reverse W

I love this pose because it is grounding and empowering at the same time.

There is an unstoppable force in a strong and calm warrior that is rooted firmly into the ground but rises high with elegance and pride. We gaze with intention and we focus with softness.

According to the yogic teachings “Reverse Warrior teaches us to stand strong on our mats, just as we strive to stand strong in the highest, most benevolent truth of who we are. And as we gaze upward, as if toward our potential, we also reach back for support; we are thus encouraged to call upon the tools we need to navigate the inner realms of ego.”

So after your dance party, take a few moments to set up your pose. Take a wide stance. Bend the front knee in line with front toes if possible. Keep the back leg rooted, straight and strong. Switch on glutes. Lift naval up. Chest lifted. Torso in the center. Arms wide, gaze in line with the fingertips of the front arm. As you lift the front arm up, try and shift the gaze too. For an extra challenge, try and lift the front heel off the ground. Stay here for 5 deep, long, full breaths.

Then switch sides.

In my personal practice as a teacher, Reverse Warrior helps me concentrate with all my senses. It helps me get focused and become open to all possibilities through creating space in my side body and in my hips.

Give it a go on both sides and comment below how it goes.

With love as always,

Rita Cox


Rita Cox has been experimenting with different yoga and movement styles including yoga, crossfit and calisthenics since 2015. She has been trained with many worldwide known teachers that helped her find her passion within the combination of yoga and mindset priming techniques. She is passionate about mental, physical and physiological wellbeing and has great interest in post-traumatic stress disorder as well as post-traumatic growth. She is keen to bring versatile classes and teachings to reach your true potential. Her bundles of energy will empower you on and off the mat. Her unique approach has transformed many lives over the past years.

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