Prepping for the 21-Day Yoga Challenge? Try This Free Class with Schuyler Grant

Signs up are open for the 2019 21-Day Yoga Challenge! Prepare with this free FIXX class from Wanderlust TV, and then sign up for the Challenge.

Build endurance, strength, and confidence in this evening flow. Class begins with heart-opening variations of Camel (Ustrasana) and side-bending variations of Low Lunge (Anjaneyasana), flowing smoothly into several rounds of Surya Namaskar A.

Next, bring your open chest and waist into a lunging sequence of twists and binds, including Bow Pose (Dhanurasana) and Side Plank (Vasisthasana). The peak is a Schuyler special lunge… You’ll know it when you feel it!

Find the entire High Altitude FIXX class pack featuring Schuyler Grant on Wanderlust TV here.

woman in three legged dog pose 21 day challenge