Moving With the Elements: Earth

Ground down and connect your mind, body, and spirit to the home of all elements.

When your feet meet the ground—the grass, the dirt, the sand, and the shore—you undoubtedly feel a sense of connection.

You’re grounded to one of the most profoundly powerful elements of all: the Earth. It’s the element that, essentially, houses all others.

Through movement and our yoga practice, we are able to connect to the Earth—mind, body, and spirit. In fact, yoga poses are often influenced by objects in nature. Take Mountain Pose, Lotus Pose, and Tree Pose for instance. In tree pose, we mimic a tree’s innate movement in nature by grounding down and planting our feet like roots into the ground.

A sense of security, stability, and strength inevitably comes from planting our body firmly to the Earth. We feel supported and heartened merely by its presence beneath our feet. Just as it is home to all other elements, it is home to us too. We feed off of its elemental energy, and through movement we manifest its qualities of power, growth, and wisdom in ourselves.

As the Earth is subjected to random, spontaneous, and unrelenting upheaval from the elements—flood, drought, wildfires—so too are we. We match the Earth’s persistence as we dance with life’s trials and tribulations with grace.