Meet the Dogs of Wanderlust

They’re actually the cutest

Photo by Kate & Keith Photography

Sometimes the dog-watching at Wanderlust festivals is as good as the people-watching. And if there’s anyone having more fun than the human attendees, it’s their canine counterparts, who often tag along with their owners to explore the festival grounds. From pocket-sized Chihuahuas to large and lovable mutts, we’ve seen every kind of adorable pup having a blast at Wanderlust.

We scoured our recent Stratton festival for some of the cutest dogs on site (it was a tough job, but someone had to do it), to bring you these portraits. A few pup parents were also kind enough to share their furry friends’ stories. Enjoy!

Lozen, 7 months old


Owner: Chelsey Korus, Wanderlust Teacher

“Lozen was abandoned in Tennessee, in the mountains, with three other puppies. I found her on a [rescue] website. I had wanted a puppy for a long time but I thought I couldn’t have one because of traveling. I just got sick of my own excuses and said, ‘I’m doing this.’ She has ‘zen’ in her name for a reason. She is just chill. She’s super social, and she’s good with dogs and people. She has a hashtag, #lozenthegreat. She’s quite a big deal.”

Lulu, 1 year old


Owner: Roseanne, Wanderlust Attendee

“She’s a Goldendoodle. We started researching family dogs and we wanted one that didn’t shed. She loves people. She thinks she’s a person, too. [My son] Matthew uses her like a pillow. This is her second Wanderlust, and she loves it.”

Billie, 3 years old


Owner: Jeremy, Wanderlust Attendee

“I got her as a puppy with an ex-partner who moved away. She’s a Jack Russell from Colorado. Her personality is awesome. She’s turned into the most amazing creature I’ve ever been around. She loves swimming and chasing after kite surfers, and snuggling. She runs 10 miles up mountains with me and then snuggles for two days.”

Koda Bear, 2 years old


Owners: Audra and Rob, Wanderlust Vendors

“She’s a Samoyed, and both her parents were show dogs. She just loves to play. She’s very cuddly looking but she would rather play with you than cuddle you. And she will let you know if she doesn’t like something. She’s a little feisty. This is her first Wanderlust and she likes it a lot—she’s getting a lot of love, so who wouldn’t like it?”

Coco, 4 years old, and Willow, 1 year old


Owner: Kari, Wanderlust Attendee

“Last year we brought Coco with us, and she had so much fun. We adopted Willow last November, so we got to bring her with us this year, too. I’m a yoga teacher as well as a dog whisperer and a huge advocate for animal rescue. In addition to our two Havanese, we have four other dogs, all rescued. The cutest thing that my dogs do is yoga, of course! There’s always a gaggle of dogs that love to be around when I practice. I’m always stepping over a dog or adapting my step because there is a paw or belly in my way, but I love it. Willow especially loves to lie on my belly in savasana. They are my little doggie props. I created Doga with my old dog, Charlie, and we had a show on Animal Planet in 2005 called “K9 Karma.”

Lola, 11 weeks old


Owner: Caitlin, Wanderlust Vendor

“Lola is my first dog. She’s a miniature Australian Shepherd. Lola is a sweet, loving, and very sassy little nugget. She likes to slip under my bedside table and sleep with her legs sticking out. She is totally awesome and such a sweetheart.”

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All photos by Neil Gandhi