Meet Leeah Taylor: Real Life Big Kid Forever

As a dancer for most of her life, Leeah Taylor was first lured to vinyasa via the movement…

As a dancer for most of her life, Leeah Taylor was first lured to vinyasa via the movement and flow of the body. However, she quickly discovered the mental, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga by learning that in healing and working on ourselves we are able to serve and help others at a greater capacity. Leeah Taylor reaches out and empower others to step into their highest truth by cultivating and nurturing the relationship with the self through movement and meditation.

We caught up with Leeah to ask her a few questions, as we ramp up for Wanderlust Austin, November 6-9. Get tickets!

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Wanderlust: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Leeah Taylor: Do I have to grow up?! Haha! I have always been so passionate about helping people in various ways. As the years pass and my practice continues to morph and evolve, I am finding deeper and more meaningful ways to teach and support others mentally and emotionally. I truly love the idea of merging the two worlds of my dance background with yoga. I would be ecstatic to be a yoga instructor to a professional dance company one day!

WL: What did your child self want to be when you grew up?
LT: Since I have danced since I was a child, I used to want to be a professional dancer that traveled the world.

WL: What is your biggest fear?
LT: Standing in my own way.

WL: What is your favorite yoga pose?
LT: Handstands! They just make me smile! Handstands are a sure fire pick me up when you’re having a rough day!

WL: What is your least favorite yoga pose?
LT: Hmm, I really don’t have a “least favorite” yoga pose. I go through phases where certain poses don’t feel as good in my body. For a long time backbends used to really irritate me and I didn’t like to do them. A while ago I figured out that I simply wasn’t approaching them with the right alignment so they caused more pain than joy. Now I am just much more mindful, slow and compassionate with my body when practicing them and it has helped immensely.

WL: What do you love about what you do?
LT: I love that I can’t figure out where the yoga begins and ends in my life both on and off the mat. It’s a constant learning curve. I love that I have the chance to hold space for others to wake up to their own potential and heal. It’s incredibly powerful to see those “aha!” moments for students, whether it’s in their physical asana practice or in their internal work. Makes my heart swell with gratitude.

WL: What challenges you about what you do?
LT: The constant hustle of a yoga teacher is really difficult. Finding the balance between teaching multiple classes nearly every day and taking time to rest and hold space for myself is really difficult. It’s so easy to burn out so I am still working on juggling both.