Meditate, Activate, Celebrate: The Way of the Consciousness Explorer

Jeff Warren and James Maskalyk discuss starting the Conciousness Explorers Group, a monthly gathering that uses meditation to find joy and balance in life

“It’s interesting how touched by grace you can feel when you call your attention back to the present moment.” – James Maskalyk

In this speakeasy talk from Wanderlust Tremblant 2014, Jeff Warren and James Maskalyk discuss their philosophy on meditation and how it led them to founding the Consciousness Explorers Club (CEC), a monthly meetup of like-minded individuals who use meditation to find joy and balance in life.

Both Jeff Warren and James Maskalyk chose careers that would allow them to connect and help people in need. Although very different in practice, Jeff’s work in journalism and James’s practice as an emergency medicine physician both took a serious toll on their mental and physical selves.

“Even in the quiet, there was interference, and then it dropped out and there was only silence.” – Jeff Warren

Finding that meditation could improve awareness while soothing an anxious mind, Jeff and James founded the Consciousness Explorers Club. The CEC holds three monthly events that coincide with the club’s philosophy of practicing meditation, activating joy, and celebrating life. Together they strive to deepen their understanding of meditation and explore differing world views of the practice. Their goal is simple: to stay present, care for each other, and embrace life.

This lecture also includes a short guided meditation.

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