Lauren Walker: Don’t Take Drugs, Take Pee

Lauren Walker, founder of Energy Medicine Yoga, explains how to use your body’s own waste as natural medicine.

Lauren Walker is the creator of Energy Medicine Yoga and a modern day explorer, often living out of her truck as she travels. Walker decided to take a primitive skills class in Northern California with Tom Brown, Jr., where she would learn how to survive in the wilderness with only a knife. After constructing her shelter, she woke up to a small rash on her mid-section.

She had constructed her shelter out of Poison Oak, a plant not native to her New England home.

The rash quickly began spreading. The illness became systemic in her body, or began living in her bloodstream, affecting her entire body with a painful, itchy rash. Walker was faced with the decision to take the drugs that were prescribed to her by a doctor, or to treat the Poison Oak with natural methods.

She chose the natural methods. Walker flushed her system with water and treated the rash topically with her own urine. Within a few days, the rash had cleared and she had begun to heal.

Watch her incredible story of healing by using her intuition and staying true to her beliefs about using natural remedies for illness.

“Don’t take the drugs: Take the pee.”

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Accompanying text by Kristin Diversi

Video shot and edited by Edward Boyce