Kimi Werner Finds (And Explains) Her God Rock

Have you met your God-rock yet? Wait, you don’t know what a God-rock is? Wanderlust O’ahu speaker Kimi…

Have you met your God-rock yet? Wait, you don't know what a God-rock is? Wanderlust O'ahu speaker Kimi Werner explains how she found hers at a young age, and how this instilled both an appreciation of nature and her own sense of personal spiritual practice. Kimi is well-equipped to address nature appreciation, being a spear-fisher, an artist, and a chef who largely lives off the land in her native Hawaii. In this talk at the Wanderlust O'ahu Speakeasy at Turtle Bay's Surfer, the Bar, she takes us on her own personal journey as a young girl who discovers the wonders of the wilderness up to present day, where her senses are so attuned to her surroundings that she hunts her own seafood and has swum with sharks - yes, you can peep her gliding along with a Great White Shark at the end of this Speakeasy video. Kimi shares:
  • how an appreciation of eating locally and organically came at a young age and how she continues that practice as an adult,
  • why she ultimately opted to continue to pursue her artistic passions despite a lack of confidence and encouragement,
  • how her trust in nature runs deep enough to be able to surrender to the beauty of close encounters with dangerous sea life.
Through Kimi's culinary, artistic and aquatic adventures, she shares endearing and teachable moments that will be sure to inspire nature lovers everywhere.