Kevin Pearce: The Power of Loving Your Brain

Former professional snowboarder Kevin Pearce discusses the transformative power of love, which, along with hard work, is helping him to heal his brain.

After an early start in snowboarding, Kevin Pearce was on his way to the Olympics. He was winning contests, had the confidence, and had won the TTR Tour Championship Title. He was considered the person to beat.

But shortly before the Olympics, he suffered a massive head injury while snowboarding, causing damage to his brain.

Pearce saw his life go from being all about snowboarding to being able to do it only very rarely.

He began a foundation—LoveYourBrain—to help support people who have experienced a traumatic brain injury, along with their caregivers. The LoveYourBrain Yoga Program encourages them to participate in gentle yoga and meditation classes tailored to their needs.

Pearce has discovered that learning to love his brain is the most important thing he can do. But it’s an everyday process. Our brains create negative and positive thoughts: Good thoughts make us feel good, and bad thoughts make us feel bad, and can actually cause damage to our brains. It’s our work to learn how to train our brains to create good thoughts, and work on our negative ones.

For more information, visit his website.

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Produced by Wanderlust Festival
Filmed and Edited by: Circus Picnic
Filmed at Wanderlust Stratton 2015
Accompanying text by Kristin Diversi