Keeping Portland’s Yoga Weird

Our fave studios in Portland to prep for the Wanderlust 108. Tickets available now!

We’re all about keeping Portland weird—but there’s nothing weird when it comes to the city’s yoga scene. We’re obsessed with practicing in PDX, and fortunately, there’s no shortage of great places to play with your pranayama. We’ve put together a list of our favorite studios in Portland, so you can warm up for Wanderlust 108 on August 11—and keep the momentum going all year long.

Tickets for Wanderlust 108 are still available! To buy and for more information about your best day ever, click here. We have several types of tickets available this year, something for every budget. Snag a Practice Ticket for entry to the yoga and meditation portions of the event, as well as the Kula Marketplace. Entry to other bonus activities and the 5K are included with either the 108 Ticket, the 108 Ticket Package, or the premium WAN(DER)LUST Package.

Have a studio you’d like to see on the list? Reach out to us on the Portland 108 Facebook event page and let us know.

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Firelight Yoga

It’s a yoga grab-bag at Firelight! This Northeast studio is dripping (pun-intended, half of the classes are hot) with a variety of unique and motivating classes. In addition to your typical Vinyasa, Firelight also offers Power Sculpt, Hatha, Buti, Yin, Pound, prenatal, meditation and pranayama, restorative, and many more. Be sure to check online to see whether or not the class is heated!


Start a revolution in your own practice by mixing it up with yogaRIOT. This studio is all about breaking the status quo—think hot, Baptiste-inspired yoga in a former Masonic church, complete with free Kombucha (made by the owner!) and tatted-up teachers. While this Southeast studio is very much historic, it’s been totally renovated with modern features, including state-of-the-art heating panels and hardwood flooring with original Oregon ash. There is also babysitting, events, teacher training, and workshops, including the occasional CBD flow. (Oh, we LOVE you, Portland!)

Namaste on Williams

We can’t get enough of the wellness pop-ups at Namaste on Williams that make wellness accessible to all in North Portland. The sun-drenched studio offers several different types of yoga, as well as workout classes taught with a mindful bent. We love the decor, and the high-quality props that remind us not only that we’re in good hands here, but that the owners truly care about attention to detail. The fact that the NOW staff includes a friendly studio dog is just icing on the vegan cake.

Flex & Flow Yoga

Located in the increasingly-trendy Northeast District, Flex & Flow is more than a studio—it’s a community. Featuring bootcamp and fitness classes (in addition to yoga, of course), Flex & Flow is ideal for those looking to enhance their practice with additional workouts. One of our favorites? The HIIT and Flow combination classes, which are guaranteed to leave you inspired, confident, and super sweaty.

Love Hive Yoga

This airy, plant-laden studio may not be shaped like most studios, but we find so much SPACE when we practice here, we’re not mad that mats may not line up in even rows. Teachers are down-to-Earth and accessible, and we love running up the old wooden stairs to the practice space. Even in liberal Portland, this is one of the most LGBTQ-friendly spots in the city. To boot, they occasionally host a free Yoga Foundations class, so it’s a great place to bring that pal who hasn’t yet agreed to try yoga with you.

Modo Yoga

If you like to perspire, you’ll love Modo Yoga. This super-clean and environmentally-friendly studio is a haven for spiritual sweat junkies. The classes are the perfect balance of inspiring and fitness-forward, creating a holistic (and hot!) experience that leads you feeling centered and calm. Think Bikram “light” in terms of style—the Modo classes are a series of poses, with the Modo flow classes adding a Vinyasa twist. There are themed flows and events every week, so be sure to check their schedule for future unique offerings.

Yoga Refuge

This beautiful spot in Montavilla lives up to its namesake: It’s a refuge. Offering a wide variety of classes that are tailored to every body type and practice level, this deep-seeded community has something for everyone (think Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, and more!).  They also offer private classes, teacher training, and cool workshops, including prenatal workshops and energy clearing. Be sure to stop by!

Photo by Forrest Smith