The Insider’s Guide to Kula Market: Squaw Valley Edition

Joining us at Wanderlust Squaw Valley? Don’t miss the stellar lineup of yoga gear, jewelry, apparel, and other vendors at the Kula Market.

Is it just me or is it always the Summer of Love in Squaw? It’s as if I am transported back in time when I work the Squaw Festival: long-haired, barefoot kids roam free, raw food and kombucha call out my name, and the crowds at night, boy can y’all dance! Follow along as I guide you through our trippy market offerings, from kaleidoscopic garb to sacred jewelry to worldly treasures. Peace and love, y’all!

The Kula Market is separated into four different areas, spanning from the Main Stage all the way to the entry points of the resort. Those four areas are: the Lower Village, the Center Village, the Main Stage, and the Rue Boheme + Cul-de-Sac.

Here’s what to look for in each spot:

The Lower Village

The Lower Village area of the market begins near the resort’s Trilogy Spa, through the breezeway and past Mamasake Sushi, and ends near Mountain Nectar cafe. Be sure to check out our table vendors under the Breezeway on Main Street!

Warrior Within Designs

Hi, my name is Katie F and I love onesies. There was a point in my life where I owned seven unitards and about a dozen leotards. These days, while I have pared down my all-encasing articles of clothing, they are still a staple in my everyday. If you are looking for quality-made, fantastically designed one piece outfits, be sure to try on everything at Warrior Within. For those who may not be ready for dive into singular spandex, don’t worry, Warrior offers separates as well!

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.36.42 PM

Lower Village Vendors
Hipstrr/ Kayo Anime Funky leather belts and Burning Man duds
Warrior Within Onesies!
Autumn Teneyl Apparel made with pure flattery-magic
St. Clair Jewelry + Erro Channel your inner badass nymph with these local lovelies
Henna Love Who doesn’t love local henna?
Bike Path Locally designed hats and art

The Center Village

Amongst all the yummy giveaways from our awesome sponsors, you’ll find some excellent vendors selling their goods. The Center Village spans the area from the Cable Car Plaza, around the village towards Blue Coyote, Fireside Pizza, and the super rad Adidas activation and lawn.

High Chi


Stop by this serene booth and meet Deborah Stuart, a truly inspiring woman who not only has a knack for reading energy and how to alter it, but also a true passion for elevating your consciousness. Her booth is all white, and begs to be experienced. Her malas are knotted by hand and blessed. And her knowledge, unbeatable.

Hyde Yoga


If a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll just stop here.

Just kidding! If I didn’t have such an affinity for costumes, sequins, and onesies (see above) I would live in Hyde for eternity. The tops and bottoms feel as serene as that beach looks. I am that girl in your yoga class that is forever pulling down the bottom of her tank after any sort of inversion (hi, curves). But not when I have my trusty Hydes on. Hyde hugs in all the right places while not being too huggy. Give ’em a try.

Center Village Vendors
RAD Release all your aches and pains with these awesome therapy tools
High Chi High-vibration adornment
Nectar Creations Travel-ready men’s and women’s wear
Mali Sabatasso LA-inspired rock and roll chic yogi jewelry
Hyde Eco-loving yogi wear
Blooming Lotus Stylish, light-hearted yogi jewelry

Main Stage

Be it on your way to a class or a music performance at the Main Stage, this market is not to be missed. Seriously, I may not have a paycheck after I visit this area of the festival. Some of my favorite brands will be selling here, and some, well into the night. This area is located between the Main Stage yoga/music venue and The Center Village.

La Forma

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 4.25.38 PM

La Forma is definitely on my “Favorite New Additions to the Market” list. Born out of the desire to create apparel as a community, La Forma offers a fresh approach to what you can wear both on and off the mat. (Also, stop by for some doggy love!)

Kelly Horrigan Handmade

Kelly Horrigan Handmade 5

I have been secretly hoping, wishing, and praying to the stars that I could get Kelly to come to our Squaw event. She is a staple at some of our other festivals, but soooo #onbrand with your Squaw vibe, that I have been trying my darnedest to share her with you, and guess what, she’s coming! Success! Stop by her booth and be in complete awe of how she can transform leather into wearable art and I dare you to not buy all of her sustainably-procured feather and leather earrings.

Main Stage Vendors
Gurus Indian-inspired footwear
Om Collection Burner-loving yogi wear
Blissology One-stop shop for Eoin Finn gear
Wolven Threads Kaleidoscopic duds
La Forma Artist collective-designed athletic gear
Kelly Horrigan Handmade Desert-ready leather adornment
Asha World Designs World treasures from far and wide

The Rue Boheme and Rue Boheme Cul-de-Sac

The Rue Boheme area of our festival is relegated into two mini, awesome areas: the Cul-de-Sac near the Greatest Place and the area near the stage. You can practically throw a stone from one area to the next, so there’s no reason not to visit them all!

Don’t forget to check out the yummy food vendors, True North Cafe, the Wanderlust Shop, and the Rue Boheme stage in this area!

Pono Ola


Never have I ever met someone who has said, “You know what, I don’t need to work on my core.” Be the envy of your ab tribe and try out their balance boards, guaranteed to work that core whilst being safe and supported.

Om Botanical


If there is one thing I have learned about myself and other yogis, it’s that we take what we put on our skin very, very seriously. What we feed our largest organ is just as important as what we feed ourselves. And one man is serving you the best in nutrients for your skin. Sudhir Shah, CEO and chief scientist of Om Botanical, believes that your skincare should be safe enough to eat. I have recently started using his face cleanser and can already feel the difference of his 100% organic products. Stop by and meet Sudhir for a complimentary demonstration.

Rue Boheme Cul-de-Sac Vendors
Together California Trippy, sustainably-made yogi duds
Pono Ola Balance boards!
Om Botanical Safe, scientist-approved skincare
Karma Collective Chill vibes apparel
Nomad by Elroy Escape to tropical places with beautiful kimonos and accessories
Yoloha Yoga Cork yoga accessories
Radhas Love Designs Festy headpieces, jewelry, apparel, oh my!

Hamsa + Harmony

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

If I were to give out superlatives to my vendors, Hamsa + Harmony would receive “Sweetest Couple.” Greg and Kaitlin took a big dive into the vending world last year, and since then this duo has made many Wanderlust appearances. And they are sugary-sweet in the best of ways. Stop by their beautiful booth and feel at home as you look through their racks full of organic goods and share laughs with these two love bugs.

High Thai

highthai jpegs-5229

I love a vendor who brings menswear to our shows! High Thai offers men’s and women’s goods, including rad imported accessories, purses, and bags. Walk into High Thai and transport yourself to a small fishing village, watching time go by as you soak in the sun, whilst donning the flyest of fanny packs.

Medicina Pachamama


Your trip to the Squaw Summer of Love would not be complete without a little natural healing. Medicina Pachamama is new to the Wanderlust scene, and I am excited to check out their flower essences, smudge sticks, and insight to all things holistic.

Rue Boheme Vendors
Bahgsu Jewels Stone jewelry from another planet
Bali Malas/Bela Bela Thoughtfully created, sacred, artisan jewelry and T-shirts
Lala Jewelry Delicate, beautifully crafted yogi jewelry
Buddha Pants Pants that make you dance!
Open Heart Warrior Precious unisex adornment handcrafted in LA
Folk Rebellion Unplug, unwind, and just be
Island Bungalow Tropical yogi vibes and goods straight from Hawaii
High Thai It’s high time for some Thai apparel and accessories
Medicina Pachamama One-stop shop for all your natural healing needs
Dharma Punx Drop in and zen out with the famed Noah Levine and friends
MC Yogi Art, music, and apparel all wrapped into one!
Rohner Art Totem Animal-inspired works of art
House of Alaia Inspired jewelry for the soul
Kathmandu Yogi Yummy yogi home accessories
Global Mamas Awesome non-profit providing you with goods and women in Africa with a life of prosperity
simply sitting The most comfortable of meditation seats
Inner Fire Apparel Eco-friendly, lighthearted yogi apparel
Rana Nader Jewelry Custom-made, sweet adornment
Synergy The softest, organic lifestyle apparel on the market
Hamsa & Harmony Sweet, inspirational duds created consciously and with a whole lotta heart


Enjoy your orbit around the Squaw Kula Market!


Katie Fuller is Wanderlust’s Vendor Manager.