Insider’s Guide: 25 Reasons to Go to Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass

Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass takes place more than a mile and half above sea level in the Rocky Mountains, a…

Wanderlust Aspen-Snowmass takes place more than a mile and half above sea level in the Rocky Mountains, a perfectly breathtaking location to kick off July. We’ve combed our scheduler and compiled a list of 25 staff picks:

1) Six Hours of Music!

What’s better than a festive 4th? One more night to celebrate! Join us on July 5 for non-stop funk and freestyle jams. Our first concert features Nahko and Medicine for the PeopleMC Yogi and Jurassic 5, while our second features Tycho. Want a preview? We made a playlist.

2) Get your Fourth of July on

On Friday night, we’re bussing the whole community down to Aspen for an incredible fireworks display — maybe we can get a rolling om going in the midst of the typical “oohs” and “aahs?”

3) Run with a View

We have scenic trail runs for all levels on our schedule, but if you’re looking for a real lung buster with epic vistas to match, check out the run up to Ute Rock.


4) Take an Ayurveda Workshop

Discover how you can find your state of balance with the 5,000 year old philosophy and practice of Ayurveda.

5) Be Part of a Bollywood Flash Mob

Yes, this is happening. And you can be a part of it.

6) Take a Chairlift to Standup Paddleboard Yoga

In Aspen-Snowmass our SUP yoga classes are actually up the mountain. Folks, you won’t find this anywhere else. Grab one of our BOGA boards and get with the flow.

Standup Paddleboard Yoga in Colorado

7) Learn to dance like a warrior in Capoeira Class

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art form disguised as dance and set to music. What a great new addition to Wanderlust.

8) Pool Party at the Wildwood

We’re bringing the epic-ness of our Squaw pool parties to Aspen! Jam and swim at the same time.

9) Get Down with Gurmukh

Profound, hilarious, grandmotherly. Gurmukh will take you on a Kundalini voyage guaranteed to polish your third eye and make you sweat bullets.

Gurmukh teaching kundalini yoga at Wanderlust Yoga Festival

10) Be a (Better) Yoga Teacher

Are you a yoga teacher? Do you want to be? Maybe you just want to deepen your practice and spend a whole week at Wanderlust? Check out our Voyager Immersion program or some of our workshops for yoga teachers.

11) Save the Earth

Too much stuff in your life? Too much waste? Learn what you can do.

12) Dudes, Do Yoga

Yes, they do! Check out Hips Are Not Just for Chicks and some other great classes with Matt Giordano.

Matt Giordano yoga handstand

13) Twist and Detox

Who doesn’t love a good twist and detox class?

14) Work Your Breath

Breath work (pranayama) is more potent – and important – than ever in the thin, high-altitude atmosphere. Breath deep in these pranayama-focused meditations.

15) White Water Raft The Upper Roaring Fork

Explore the range of your thrill-o-meter on this eight-mile white water rafting trip.

Wanderlust Colorado Rafting Adventure

16) Meet a new teacher

For a class off the beaten path, check out Justin Kaliszewski‘s Outlaw Yoga class. This cage-fighter-gone-yoga-teacher will show you what’s up.

17) Surround yourself with hundreds of yogis

If you want to surround yourself with hundreds of yogis in our biggest tent, The Greatest Place, where you can take classes with some of the biggest names in yoga: Johnny KestSeane CornRod StrykerAnnie Carpenter, MC Yogi and more.

18) Gong Out

Wash yourself in pure sound.

gong bath

19) Get some Food Truck Grub

Fun times make people hungry. Luckily, we have a whole host of food trucks featuring locally sourced, organic nosh. Yum.

20) Inject Some Nature into Your Brain

Naturopathic Dr. Matthew Baral will explore how contact with nature affects our health from scientific, evolutionary, and spiritual standpoints in this Speakeasy.

21) Hike with a Soundtrack

Walk to a tranquil overlook, watch the sunset, and listen to HANNAH coax lush, organic sounds out of her violin. Yes, please.


22) Pedal through The Bells

Take a 12-mile bicycle tour that starts at the Maroon Bells and Maroon Lake —  one of the most photographed peaks in North America.

23) Arm Balance!

Are you the person in a handstand while everyone else has moved on? You know who you are. Check out these WL Aspen-Snowmass classes… and this one too!

24) Ride the Skittles

To travel between our Upward Facing and Downward Facing Villages, you can ride a chairlift Aspen-Snowmass affectionately calls The Skittles. Feeling lively? Grab a bike via our bike share program and cruise between the villages.


25) DIY Explorations

While our festivals are filled with a variety of opportunities to feed you physically, emotionally and energetically — some of the best memories are made within the confines of unstructured playtime. So no matter what you get yourself into, be sure to stay open to the magic of the moment.

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