Heather Webb: Lessons on Cancer and Living for the Moment

After a diagnosis of cancer, the yogini and her mother learned how to live deeper, fuller lives.

Heather Webb, a yogini and accountant, was diagnosed with cancer shortly after finishing school and landing her dream job. Four months later, her mother, Amy, went to the doctor with pain in her chest. Amy and the doctors assumed it was stress brought on by Heather’s illness, but it also turned out to be advanced cancer.

Mother and daughter found many lessons and unexpected blessings through their journeys with cancer. They discovered new ways to explore food and activities, they began practicing meditation and mindfulness, and they both began to actively reduce stress in their lives as a way to bolster their immune systems.

Through their journeys, Heather and Amy have learned to appreciate the little things and to live in the moment.

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Video shot and edited by Edward Boyce

Accompanying text by Kristin Diversi