Chris Grosso: Healing Through Adversity

Chris Grosso knows firsthand that we can find spiritual growth when we are at our most vulnerable

Chris Grosso knows firsthand what the cyclical nature of sadness, pain, and despair feels like. A former addict, Chris shares how he found spiritual growth when he was at his most vulnerable in this Speakeasy talk from Wanderlust Stratton 2014. Finding our true spirit, he says, depends a lot on our own unique experiences. But acknowledging both our relative, physical self and our ultimate self can get us there.

“These experiences of pain and suffering and a broken heart, there actually is a lot of grace in them. Because these are times in our lives where we are weakest and we are most vulnerable, and we are actually at that point on very fertile ground for spiritual growth. Our egos are bruised and beaten, and putting up the white flag isn’t so difficult.”

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