Healing the Present With Past Life Regression

To understand ourselves today, we must look to the past.

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What if the answers to questions about ourselves, where we are going, and whether or not we are on the right path can be informed by exploration of who we use to be? There is a theory in the wellness world purporting that we can connect with the energy and experiences of past lives in order to gain clarity and understanding of our present circumstance. By necessity, the theory requires a buy-in to the possibility that we have in fact experienced lives before being born into this current body.

Facilitators of Past Life Regression meditations take participants on a journey of exploration through their previous states of being as a means of therapy. They use hypnotism to hyper-focus the mind, and then ask a series of questions to provoke recollection of memories that, in theory, otherwise remain dormant. Though they are dormant, these memories hold the potential to ease suffering when they are explored and meaning is brought to light. The hope is that the stories that are recalled during these regressions will unlock valuable insight into beliefs surrounding identity, a practitioner’s place in the world, and that which is blocking an experience of optimal living. According to this theory, issues that went unresolved in the past can transfer into current reality, thus causing unexplained suffering.

Although certain religions are rooted in the belief of reincarnation, one does not have to subscribe to a particular religion to undergo a Past Life Regression session. In Western culture, it has become a therapeutic means of connecting with all aspects of the self, helping participants to overcome anxiety and combat chronic stress.

According to Dr. Brian Weiss, acclaimed American psychiatrist who became a believer in the practice after a patient of his began discussing traumatic events that occurred over 4,000 years ago, past-life regression therapy has a “profound curative effect.” Dr. Weiss noted in an interview with the New York Times that the same practice that once led to the medical board censoring him in the early ‘80s is now a discussion openly pursued by his peers in the medical field. More doctors, therapists, and psychiatrists are exploring past-life regression techniques as a way to help their patients find peace.

In L.A., Aimee Bello is following the likes of Dr. Weiss as she creates spaces of connection and healing for students. By combining her experiences as an academic, a Kundalini yoga teacher, a Reiki healer, and crystal and sacred geometry healer, Aimee works to help remove whatever is standing in the way of her students realizing their full potential. As a young woman in the contemporary wellness space, Aimee understands that these alternative methodologies of healing can be intimidating at first. However, as she so eloquently says: “With practice, an open mind and open heart, the benefits are relief of physical, mental, emotional and energetic anxieties, stresses, pains, patterns and habits that no longer serve you and your growth.”

In the modern moment we are oversaturated with information and our senses are overstimulated. It is easier than ever to feel off-balance or disconnected with ourselves. Whether one believes in reincarnation or is simply looking to find a method of meditation and therapy that resonates, the argument can be made for the Past Life Regression methodology. What do we have to lose save some of our suffering?

erin wardErin Ward is a freelance writer, yoga teacher, and navigator at Wanderlust Hollywood.