Gratitude Revealed: Connection

Learn the science behind that warm fuzzy feeling.

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The very essence of what makes us human—from the flow of our hormones to our keen sense of touch—proves that we were born to be social creatures. Studies have shown that the benefits of connection can be seen in more than our DNA. Adults with a stronger network of friends live longer, and seniors who are more socially active experience less cognitive decline and disability. These types of social connections come in many different forms, from casual acquaintances to lifelong friends, and make us want to be healthier and increase our motivation to succeed in life. They also contribute to happiness levels and willingness to help out in our communities. Engaging, or connecting, with our communities also expands the way we view how we can, and do, make an impact on our environment. Connecting to the people and places in our life make the world not only more tangible, but also a better place for all.

The connections we make with both people and places expand our minds and fuel our desires to see more. What connections have you forged that make you more mindful or grateful?

Louie SchwartzbergGratitude Revealed is a journey into the science, mystery and building blocks of gratitude. In a series of 16 film shorts, acclaimed time-lapse cinematographer Louie Schwartzberg shows us not only what these ideas look like, but how they can be expressed in our daily lives.  These stunning shorts have also aired as SuperSoul Sunday Shorts on the OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. This journey begins with gratitude but the destination is entirely up to you, the viewer. Start your journey by watching the video above and continue it by exploring Connection deeper by clicking here.