Gabby Bernstein: 3 Ways to Turn a Bad Day Into a Good One

Maintaining my happy mojo takes work—but it’s worth every bit of effort

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Keeping the high vibes flowing every day is super important to me. But while a positive attitude often comes naturally, sometimes it’s hard to maintain my Spirit Junkie mentality. A disturbing news event can upset me, a nasty social media comment can piss me off, or someone can disappoint me. Maintaining my happy mojo takes work—but it’s worth every bit of effort!

I believe we have to put our happiness above everything else. We have to protect our energy and our thoughts so that we can maintain flow. Therefore, it’s essential that we become conscious of how to redirect our attitude in an instant. The more aware you are of how you get taken out of your Spirit Junkie mentality, the easier it is to come back to peace. In this video I share three tips for turning around a bad day.

Use these tools throughout the day and proactively participate in your happiness! Feel free to leave comments below and let me know how these tools support you.

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