The Flavor of Your Pose: High Lunge Prayer Twist with Caley Alyssa

If your favorite yoga pose was a flavor, what would it be? Caley Alyssa breaks down a variation on a classic High Lunge that twists up tradition.

Unexpected pairings and breakthroughs are just one added benefit of a yoga practice. Beloved teacher Caley Alyssa breaks down High Lunge Prayer Twist for us here. An intermediate variation of Crescent Lunge, High Lunge Prayer Twist is an energizing pose that strengthens and tones legs and arms while at the same time building confidence and balance.

Adding a twist to just about any drink, lime is our go-to flavor to mix it up. Just as Prayer Twist adds some funk to a classic High Lunge, a lime makes everything a little bit unconventional.

What are your favorite variations on traditional poses?

high lunge prayer twist caley alyssa